Bridget Arregger

Born in Chorley, Lancashire

Has Lived in Plymouth, Cardiff, High Wycombe and Ashton Keynes

Now Lives in Long Buckby, Northamptonshire, UK


My teaching career encompassed Psychology, Physics, Maths and Communication Studies and out of that has come three text books in my former name of Adams. Since my retirement I have concentrated on singing, creative writing, painting and saving Long Buckby Library. I belong to several art groups in Long Buckby and encourage others to learn to draw and paint. I belong to Daventry U3A Creative Writing Group and Towcester Writers. I'm also a member of Daventry Choral Society and like to sing with other groups from time to time. My favourite topics for writing are gender identity, dreams and fantasies.



1992 Certificate in Person-centred Art Therapy for use in Nursing Education, Crawley College 

1989 MSc Physics and Physics Education with dissertation on Colour in the Curriculum, University of Reading 

1969 BSc Psychology University College, Cardiff.


Art Exhibitions

2019 August St Lawrence Church

2019 October South Northants Art Trail in Storehouse Gallery, Weedon Bec


2018 Switching Switching

2015 Climbing The Mast

2009 The Psychology Companion (Adams)

1998 ABC of Communication Studies (Adams)

1998 Psychology for Health Care (Adams)

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